Veteran Peer Mentor

Accountability:  This position reports to the Program Coordinator.




  • To coordinate outreach and community education efforts and coordinate VA and public benefits in the Operation Military Assistance Program (OMAP) in the service area of Charlotte, Lee, Desoto, and Collier Counties.
  • Promote community knowledge of the OMAP program through coordination with local media outlets (television, radio, newspapers, and websites) and presentations in various community agencies that serve veterans and/or the homeless population.
  • Maintain direct contact with established outreach sources and locations.
  • Conduct housing inspections.
  • Work with local veterans groups to increase community knowledge of OMAP and identify potential participants.
  • Access local, hard-to-reach homeless camps to identify and bring veterans into the program.
  • Work with Veterans Services case managers and local and regional VA staff to coordinate VA benefits for participants.
  • Work with local VA community-based outpatient clinics and Vet Centers to coordinate VA benefits for participants.
  • Work with state agencies, local nonprofit social service agencies, and other community organizations to coordinate public benefits for OMAP participants.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with other agencies in the community serving veterans and the homeless population in order to better serve clients.




Within the limits of the Agency’s programs, policies, and procedures, the Operation Military Assistance Program Peer Mentor is responsible for and has commensurate authority to perform the duties listed below.  He/she is directly responsible to his/her immediate supervisor.  The performance of these duties requires regular supervision.


  1. Community education efforts – Make a minimum of 12 community presentations per year.
  2. Outreach efforts – Work with Case Managers to conduct outreach and help very low-income veteran families to access OMAP services and understand the helping process offered by JFCS and other local veterans service providers.
  3. Coordination of VA benefits – Work with state, regional and local VA to ensure OMAP participants receive veteran’s benefits available to them. Make contact with the VA within 30 days of hiring and maintain ongoing communication with the VA.
  4. Coordination of public benefits – Work with federal and state agencies, nonprofit social service agencies, and other community organizations to ensure OMAP participants receive benefits available to them.



  1. The ability to widen and deepen community knowledge and response to the OMAP program.
  2. The ability to establish positive and consistent relationships with local collaborative partners and potential participant families.
  3. The ability to plan community education efforts and to carry out such efforts on time and on budget.
  4. The ability to establish and maintain relationships within and outside the Agency, VA and the Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) in a professional manner with full use and practice of confidentiality of case material and Agency practice.
  5. The increased ability to educate his/her own performance capabilities and limitations with reasonable accuracy.
  6. The understanding of the services of the Agency, VA and the CoC and their relationship to staff, clients, community and general social welfare.
  7. The ability to express and communicate ideas and knowledge clearly with reasonable organization and conciseness.
  8. The ability to organize his/her own time and effort to meet assigned situations and work demands.
  9. Sensitivity to service populations and socio-economic issues.




  1. Must be a veteran of the United States military.
  2. Should be familiar with local VA and/or public benefits.
  3. Must have a good driving record and reliable transportation.


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