Harvard 100 – JFCS’ Heidi Brown joins prominent group of Executive Education Alumni to drive high impact social change on a local level

SARASOTA, Fla. (July 10, 2018) Marking a new age and vision for the non-profit sector whereby organizations work toward driving high impact social change on a local level, JFCS of the Suncoast CEO Heidi Brown was recently selected to participate in one of the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) Executive Education programs, Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

The HBS program is designed for senior executives and board members of nonprofit organizations from around the world who have demonstrated commitment to implementing effective performance measurement and management in their organizations.  This Social Enterprise Initiative applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change.

Brown joined more than 80 other non-profit leaders from more than 24 countries at HBS.  Financial support for her participation was made possible through a Harvard 100 grant established and funded by local Sarasota philanthropists Johanna Gustafsson and Chris Pinckney.

“I am honored and grateful to Johanna and Chris for creating the Harvard 100 program and supporting this forward thinking approach to investing in local nonprofit leadership development,” said Brown.  “The scope of elevated learning, idea sharing and engagement among some of the world’s greatest thought and nonprofit leaders was unparalleled.”

Moving forward, Brown will be working with the JFCS Board to closely look at the organization’s vision and mission and take a realistic look at the resources and capacity they need to optimally execute the services JFCS provides to the community.  This includes a commitment to having other JFCS executives attend an HBS program, including JFCS Board Chair Dean Miller’s recent acceptance to the fall 2018 HBS program. Through this process, Brown and the Board believe they will be able to evolve and establish the right programs and services that will lead toward greater self-sufficiency and accountability within the organization and to Harvard 100 and the community. 

About Harvard 100

Gustafsson and Pinckney learned of the HBS Executive Management program from a colleague and philanthropist in North Carolina who had participated. The two had been searching for a platform by which to give back to the community and make significant change in how local nonprofits serve.   A series of discussions made them realize that while Sarasota has a wealth of donors who support various causes and programs, it lacked investment in leadership development. Inspired by what they heard from their colleague, Harvard 100 was established, with the goal of having 100 qualified local nonprofit Board and executive leaders complete the course over the next 10-15 years.

“While Harvard 100 is just getting started, we stand committed to the program and long term vision, which is now also supported by other local nonprofit leaders,” said Gustafsson.  “It is very empowering to see the potential impact we can make by investing in these qualified leaders, who have the right organizational structure and commitment to bring social services to the next level.  It is truly validating to see this full circle of accountability to create lasting change and one we all believe will result in more sustainable and impactful community service programs.”

About the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program

The HBS Executive Education Program is developed and taught by HBS and Harvard Kennedy School faculty who are widely recognized as skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Through publishing, consulting, and teaching, HBS faculty leverage their business expertise and field-based research to develop enduring concepts that shape the practice of management. The result is an executive education teaching team whose groundbreaking insights challenge participants’ thinking and enable them to become superior business leaders. Grounded in the HBS mission, the initiative aims to inspire, educate, and support leaders who make a difference in the world.

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