Adolescent Diversion and Assistance Clinician

Accountability:  Adolescent and Diversion Assistance Program (ADAP) Program Coordinator

Job Summary/Function: 

Provides psycho-educational and outreach services to youth and parents 11-17 years of age in a juvenile justice diversion program. Makes full use of the resources within JFCS, the Juvenile Justice System and the community. Performs basic administrative tasks and participates, as appropriate, in research and community outreach work.


  • At least two years’ experience providing services for at-risk youth and their families.
  • Knowledge and specialized skills in the needs of and identification of abused and neglected children and adults; child development and individual family functioning; working with hard to reach or resistant individuals and families; and collaboration with other disciplines and services.

Physical Requirements:  Ability to transport workshop related curriculum and materials.


Master’s Degree from an accredited school of social work.

Duties & Responsibilities:  

Responsible for and has commensurate authority to perform the duties listed below. He/she is directly responsible to his/her immediate supervisor. Performance of these duties require regular supervision.

1. Psycho-educational Services

  • To render group and individual psycho-educational services to students and their families. This includes handling a cross section of youth in accordance with the needs of the Juvenile Justice System, the Agency and in keeping with funder (i.e. grant) guidelines/requirements.
  • Psycho-educational services include working with youth and their parents towards completing service goals, understanding the helping process, serving to assist the client in his/her effort to achieve greater self-understanding and to improve their pro-social behavior.
  • To provide crisis intervention services for youth and their families, as indicated.
  • To assess, collaborate and coordinate follow up and discharge planning needs, as indicated.
  • Participates in individual supervision

2. Attend Juvenile Justice staffing and/or court hearings and participate in making recommendations commendations for youth programs for current client caseload as requested.

3.  Maintain current case records in accordance with professional standards.

4.  Administration:  Complete notes and required documentation in a timely manner.

5.  Ensures compliance with all agency policies and procedures regarding confidentiality and the release of Protected Health Information (PHI) as required by the Health Insurance

Portability Act of 1996 (HIPPA).

6.  The ability to establish positive relationships with service population and to provide effective psycho-educational services.

7.  Demonstrates knowledge of group dynamics, psychological concepts and therapeutic modalities for this specific service population.

8.  The ability to plan the delivery of psycho-educational services in collaboration with the student/parent.

9.  The ability to manage oppositional program youth.

10. The ability to establish and maintain relationships within the outside (ie. Juvenile Justice

System, community) the Agency in a professional manner with full use and practice of confidentiality of case material.

11. The increased ability to recognize, understand and control his/her own biases.

12. The understanding of the functions, programs and services of JFCS, and the Sarasota County School District, DJJ, and their relationship to staff, clients, community and general social welfare.

13.  Recognizes and reports signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect in keeping with school and agency policy.

14. All other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor, director of behavioral health services, or JFCS executive staff.

Required Skills: 

  • The understanding of the functions, programs and services of the Agency, and the

Juvenile Justice System

  • Recognizes and reports signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect in keeping with Juvenile Justice System  and Agency policy
  • The ability to communicate written and verbal ideas clearly
  • The ability to organize his/her own time to meet work demands and deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Sensitivity to service populations and socio-economic issues
  • Ability to input data into the electronic medical record (TheraNest) in an accurate and  timely manner

Training Requirements: 

  • Providing interventions in a manner that demonstrates respect for socio-cultural values, personal goals, life style choices, and complex family interactions
  • Psychosocial and ecological or person-in-environment perspectives.
  • The laws regarding mandated reporting of suspected abuse and neglect
  • The boundaries and appropriate responsibilities of the counseling program and the child or adult protective authorities; and
  • Issues and responsibilities related to the “duty-to-warn:
  • In-service training on recognizing issues that indicate the need for a psychiatric referral or more intensive services such as crisis intervention, mental health services, substance abuse services, day treatment, or residential treatment.
  • All JFCS mandatory training.

Classification:  Non-Exempt

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Sarasota

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