Building Strong Families Case Manager – charlotte County

Our Mission Statement: Guided by the Jewish tradition of helping all people, JFCS empowers individuals and families toward self-sufficiency. 

Job Title: Building Strong Families Case Manager – Charlotte County

Accountability: Director of Building Strong Families

Job Summary/Function:

The Master Case Manager (MCM) position will provide direct assistance to people who are literally homeless. The MCM provides advocacy for the acquisition of services and resources necessary to help participants meet immediate needs including public benefits, vital health services, child care and education requirements, permanent housing and other services deemed necessary through intake screenings and progress monitoring.


  • Provide comprehensive case management services to all participants including: intake assessment, benefit assessment, goal setting, case plan development, progress monitoring, advocacy and referrals
  • Maintain a caseload of 15-20
  • Meet with participants consistently to facilitate their self-sufficiency: set goals, access community resources/support services and obtain permanent housing
  • Document all interactions with participants accurately and in a timely manner utilizing appropriate reporting mechanisms, including: uploading and maintaining accurate date required for the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).
  • Meet weekly with other Master Case Managers within the local Continuum of Care Partnership to review the needs of current participants and assess the best fit for services, placement and long-term case management for each
  • Participate in regular staff meetings, staff training programs, supervisory sessions, and accept the responsibility for aiding the development of positive team relationships
  • Adhere to agency policy, procedures and the professional code of ethics
  • Implement program rules, and assist in improving such rules
  • Maintain client and program records in accordance with applicable standards, regulations and grant requirements
  • Maintain a high level of ethical conduct regarding confidentiality, and professional stature
  • Maintain flexibility in scheduling

Physical Requirements:

  • Requires the individual to perform a broad range of activities
  • Full range of motion, including manual and finger dexterity and hand and eye coordination
  • Corrected vision, speech, and hearing to normal range, or special accommodations made of sufficient nature for completion of assigned tasks
  • Seated work at desk, including use of a computer and driving
  • Ability  to lift 30 pounds
  • Ability to drive and regular access to a reliable automobile.
  • Occasionally requires working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of social work or behavioral science related field (Master’s degree preferred)
  • SOAR Certification (or completed within 90 days of hire)
  • Experience with Trauma Informed Care Delivery
  • 3 years’ experience providing case management services, preferably with families
  • Bilingual (preferred)
  • Willing and able to work within a team
  • Possesses the ability to prioritize duties and manage time well
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills, ability to establish rapport
  • Compassionate
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of community resources and counseling/social work practices with high risk populations
  • Experience working with persons in crisis
  • Ability to motivate others towards achieving goals
  • Committed to social justice and express comfort working in a multi-racial, multi-faith environment
  • Ability to work independently with strong sense of focus, task-oriented, non-judgmental, open personal qualities, clear sense of boundaries
  • A strong sense of and respect for confidentiality involving both clients and fellow employees
  • Ability to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and communities with the ability to be culturally sensitive and appropriate
  • Has a good driving record and the ability to legally operate and have access to a reliable motor vehicle

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The ability to widen and deepen his/her own practice and refine case management skills.
  • The ability to establish positive relationships with individuals and families and to provide effective case management services.
  • The ability to plan services with flexibility and to develop an effective service plan to help  and avert crisis,
  • The ability to establish and maintain relationships within and outside the Agency and the Continuum of Care (COC) in a professional manner with full use and practice of confidentiality of case material and Agency practice.
  • The increased ability to educate his/her own performance capabilities and limitations with reasonable accuracy.
  • Ability to recognize, understand, and control his/her own biases
  • The understanding of the services of the Agency and the COC and their relationship to staff, clients, community and general social welfare.
  • The ability to express and communicate ideas and knowledge clearly with reasonable organization and conciseness.
  • The ability to organize his/her own time and effort to meet assigned situations and work demands.
  • To keep case records current and in accordance with professional standards.

Training Requirements:

  • Provide interventions in a manner that demonstrates respect for socio-cultural values, personal goals, life style choices, and complex family interactions
  • Psychosocial and ecological or person-in-environment perspectives.
  • The laws regarding undated reporting of suspected abuse and neglect;
  • The boundaries and appropriate responsibilities of the counseling program and the child or adult protective authorities.
  • Issues and responsibilities related to the “duty-to-warn”.
  • In-service training on recognizing issues that indicate the need for a psychiatric referral or more intensive services such as crisis intervention, mental health services, substance abuse services, day treatment, or residential treatment.
  • All COA-specific and JFCS required trainings.

Will also receive annual in-service training which covers the following topics:

  • Establishing a consumer/case manager relationship and the functions of a case manager.
  • Confidentiality and abiding by professional ethics; eligibility standards and understanding service programs, purposes, and elements.
  • Public assistance programs, eligibility requirements, and benefits.
  • Organizational structure, service mandates, policies, and limitations.
  • Case advocacy.

Will also, within the first three months of hire, be orientated to:

  • The organization’s mission, philosophy, goals, and services.
  • The cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the service population.
  • The organization’s place within its community.
  • The organization’s personnel manual.
  • Lines of accountability and authority within the organization.
Job Category: Building Strong Families
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Charlotte County

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