Camp Mariposa Camp Nurse – Mentor

REPORTS TO: Program Coordinator


This position is responsible for providing a safe, fun, supportive and energetic atmosphere for campers.

Desired outcomes of Camp Mariposa are to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness by connecting campers with other children impacted by a loved one’s substance disorder. To educate campers that substance abuse and addiction are diseases and not their fault. Provide a place for kids to have fun, build confidence and learn critical life skills to help manage feelings and practice self-care. To offer campers positive choices in life and to connect campers with ongoing support and resources to meet needs that are identified.


  1. Communicate with and provide support to Program Coordinator and peer mentors
  2. Provide general duties
    1] Pre-arrival camper health form review 2] establish health needs during camper arrival time 3] manage medication administration 4] illness and injury management for campers and staff 5] observe overnight on-call hours 6] Activate urgent care or higher level of care if needed 7] communicate with parents/guardians as needed regarding camper health care and medication: prescriptions, dosage, application, effects, etc.
  3. Promote good health and provide health care when needed
  4. Consistently assess all areas of camp to ensure optimum levels of health and safety for campers.
  5. Be aware of facility protocols regarding safety procedures during emergency situation and implement for campers and staff
  6. Keep clear, accurate and concise records on all campers
  7. Makes sure all medications brought to camp are locked and stored appropriately
  8. Oversee the exchange of medication for campers during camp weekend – pre/post
  9. Is responsible for proper dispensing of medication at required times and keeps a record of medications administered
  10. Keep first aid kit stocked and maintained
  11. Keeps track of campers requiring follow-up visits for medical care
  12. Assist in keeping campers engaged during psycho-education groups
  13. Participate in staff meetings and required trainings
  14. Other duties as required
  15. Ability to travel as needed


This position requires the individual to perform a broad range of activities. This position requires full range of motion, including manual and finger dexterity and hand-and-eye coordination. This position requires corrected vision, speech, and hearing to normal range, or special accommodations made of sufficient nature for completion of assigned tasks. This position requires ability and willingness to participate in physical activities related to camp experience as well as standing work in front of a classroom. This position requires the ability to lift 30 pounds. This position requires the ability to withstand exposure to outdoor elements ie. cold, heat, sun, insects, water, nature and all activities related to a typical camp experience. This position requires working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours.

An RN or LPN degree is required with ability to practice in State of Florida. A minimum combination of two years of direct nursing and experience working with youth is required.


  1. Ability to create positive, fun and safe environment for campers
  2. Ability to manage health forms and paperwork with attention to detail
  3. Ability to make decisions, take initiative, and keep self & others calm during crisis
  4. Ability to communicate effectively with campers, staff and parents/guardians
  5. Ability to work with hard to reach or resistant individuals
  6. Ability to be flexible
  7. Valid driver’s license and/or reliable transportation


  1. Oriented within the first six months of hire to:
    a. The agency’s mission, philosophy, goals, and services;
    b. The cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the service population;
    c. The agency’s place within its community;
    d. The agency’s personnel manual; and
    e. Lines of accountability and authority within the agency.
  2. Training on Camp Mariposa policies and procedures.
  3. Training on role expectations at camp facility
  4. Yearly DCF trainings as required by JFCS: HIPAA, SAT, CAO, HHS
Job Category: Camp Mariposa
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Ellenton

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