VIP-ER (Voluntary Interim Placement - Enhanced Recovery)

The VIP-ER Program is a long-term residential substance abuse treatment program located at The Salvation Army Sarasota Command at 1400 10th Street, Sarasota, FL 34246. 

VIP-ER is the collaborative effort of 6 agencies that partner together to provide services to individuals residing at the Salvation Army who are struggling with substance abuse and related issues. The residential portion of VIP-ER is approximately three to four months in length, followed by one year of follow up services. 

JFCS provides an array of services to participants while they are enrolled in the VIP-ER Program. JFCS provides Wraparound Facilitation, Family Unification Counseling, and 1 year of follow up services to support participants. 


To be eligible for the VIP-ER Program, participants must meet the following criteria:

For more information about applying to the VIP-ER program 
or if you have any questions, please contact:
Patrick Odell, MSW, Wraparound Program Coordinator &
Family Reunification Counselor,

Steven Battieste, BS, Lead Wraparound Facilitator, 941-586-2108