Ways to Get Involved


Serve Your Community

Volunteers are a vital component of JFCS’ outreach services to the community. JFCS volunteers help strengthen individuals and families in our community by creating a meaningful connection with our clients. There are many ways to use your time, passion, and talent as a volunteer – find out how you can help JFCS serve the community.

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JFCS Volunteer

Sponsorship Opportunities

Secure a Sponsorship

Your sponsorship or donation to JFCS events, galas, and other opportunities are vital to the growth and success of the services provided by JFCS. We look forward to your partnership and support for another impactful year in our community.

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Ways to Donate

Be a part of our mission

There are many ways to give. Be inspired to take action and take the chance to make a positive impact on your community. With countless programs and opportunities that help transform and change lives, find a way to give that speaks to you.

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Become a Partner

If you are a business that wants to make a transformative impact on the community and change the lives of those in need, we would love to partner with you! Become a corporate sponsor and change the lives of those in need. We thank the following corporate partners for their generous sponsorships.

Changing Lives Forever

Join the Movement

You Can Help JFCS

Help us empower individuals, strengthen families, and guide members of our community toward self-sufficiency.

JFCS Can Help You

We can provide immediate solutions for your unique situation through one of our many services or programs.