JFCS helps youth and families seeking assistance to bring hope and make life better through our various programs designed to meet their specific needs. Whether assisting the children facing hardships from family-member addiction, abuse and codependency, to crisis, homelessness, depression and more, it is our goal to bring resilience and success to the lives of the struggling children in our communities.

With caring counselors and other professionals on staff that possess a high level of expertise, we offer an array of programs and services focused on improving the lives of our youth and their families.

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Camp Mariposa

Deeply rooted at the heart of Camp Mariposa resides empathy, understanding, and a platform for children impacted by addiction and trauma to build self-esteem. This series of weekend-long camps is specially programmed for impacted youth as a safe place to foster positive experiences, adventure, and friendship.

Adolescent Diversion and Assistance Program (ADAP)

Preventing and reducing involvement of youth, ages 11-17, with the juvenile justice system. Each group offered will emphasize learning new skills and behaviors that will reduce the risk of repetitive destructive behaviors. Affordable individual and family counseling is available for adolescents and families needing support.

  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang-Related Activity
  • Shoplifting/Stealing
  • Battery/Assault
  • Substance Abuse
  • Criminal Mischief/Trespass
  • Generalized Violent Behaviors (Including Bullying)

Referrals are accepted from Juvenile Probation Officers (JPOs), School Resource Officers (SROs) and Bay Area Youth Services (BAYS)/ Juvenile Delinquency Alternative Program (JDAP).

For more information, please contact Ryan McClash at 941-549-5875 or


Everyone faces challenges at different points in their lives, however there’s no need to face them alone. Our counseling program provides youth, family, individual, couples and group counseling to people of all ages. Counseling assists in building confidence, using existing strengths and learning skills to overcome difficult situations.

School Based Programs

JFCS’ Challenge to Change school-based program provides support, individual and group counseling to students experiencing social and /or emotional problems, that interfere with their academic and social success. Students are taught ways to cope with school and family stressors by identifying and building on existing coping tools.  Services are provided at Booker high, Booker middle, McIntosh middle and Emma E. Booker elementary school in Sarasota County and is specifically beneficial to students who may have the following challenges:

· Academic difficulties/ Poor Performance
· Anger Control Problems
· Anxious/Fearful
· Bullying/Intimidation
· Depressed/Sad/Irritable mood
· Disciplinary Problems/Disruptive
· Exposure to Community Violence/other trauma
· Low Self-Esteem/Negative Self-Statements
· Parental Separation/Divorce
· Self Harm

Summer Enrichment Programs

Middle school youth (ages 11-14) can participate in JFCS Summer Enrichment Programs, which include life skill building sessions, career education and cultural awareness opportunities.

I felt nothing, now I feel spiritual

Camp Mariposa participant

At camp, we climb trees, zip line, and act silly, because it’s fun to be a kid. But we also get tons of support from our counselors and mentors

Camp Mariposa participant

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