Mental Health & Counseling

Encouraging and supporting the emotional well-being of individuals, families and our community is important to us. JFCS understands the pressure of coping with a wide range of issues and conflicts to provide a safe, private, and compassionate environment for individuals and families to receive high-quality outpatient counseling services.

JFCS Counseling supports people who are facing adversities through evidence based, trauma-informed care. Counselors provide children, youth, adults, and seniors the needed supports and interventions to recover from a traumatic event or series of events. JFCS provides these services at our campuses and at schools, homes, and other community spaces.

Counseling Services

JFCS counseling services can be of benefit to you or your family if you are struggling with any of these life changes:

For questions, referrals, or to apply for the program, please contact:
Karen Lord, LCSW, CAP 
Director of Clinical Services
941-366-2224 ext. 609 or


Adolescent Diversion and Assistance Program


Salvation Army