JFCS supports veterans and their families who reside on the Suncoast who are confronting life’s challenges. We offer case management and financial and employment assistance to low-income veterans and their families who are homeless or who are about to become homeless. This assistance enables them to obtain or maintain stable, permanent housing. We work with veterans in the Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Collier, Desoto and Lee counties.

Veterans Assistance Includes

JFCS’s client-centric approach provides care for Veterans to maintain self-sufficiency and facilitates solutions to living a healthy lifestyle with a support system. Through the Operation Military Assistance Program (OMAP), Veterans are able to gain the assistance needed to obtain or maintain permanent housing, removing the barriers to living a stable, comfortable, and more satisfying life.

If you are in need of services for a veteran, please contact:
JFCS Veteran’s Intake Department

941-366-2224 ext. 130 
Sarasota and Manatee Counties

941-366-2224 ext. 630 
Desoto, Charlotte, and Collier Countie

 For more information please contact:
Shellie Legarsky, Director of Homeless and Prevention Services
941-366-2224 ext. 154 or